Introducing Crystal Cut, a talented three-piece act hailing from Melbourne, Australia. 

With their St Kilda studio serving as their creative sanctuary, they have dedicated the past few years to writing and recording songs that reflect their unique artistic vision

Crystal Cut is now prepared to unveil their musical creations to the world, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to share their work with audiences far and wide

By blending electronic and acoustic instruments, along with their experimentation with samples and production techniques, they have cultivated a sound that is truly distinctive

Inspired by a multitude of influences from around the globe, Crystal Cut has crafted a musical style that is entirely their own.

Through their creative process, they have been able to infuse their compositions with a diversity of sounds and elements that delight and captivate listeners

Crystal Cut's unique fusion of electronic and acoustic instruments, production techniques, and diverse global influences. Their music is captivating and immersive, and they offer a fresh perspective to the electronic music scene. 

Keep an eye out for Crystal Cut as they make their mark on the music scene, and get ready to immerse yourself in the memorising sounds they have carefully created.

Fans of The Chemical Brothers, Above and Beyond, and Underworld are sure to appreciate the artistry and distinct sound that Crystal Cut brings to the table.