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What If ?

Crystal Cut is an electronic music act based in Melbourne, Australia. Their music often explores introspective and existential themes, including the idea of uncertainty about the future. The question "What if ? tomorrow wasn't there?" suggests a contemplation of the impermanence of life and the unknown nature of what lies ahead.

This question can be seen as a philosophical inquiry into the fragility of existence and the importance of living in the present moment. It encourages people to reflect on the choices they make today and to appreciate the opportunities and experiences they have in the here and now.

In the context of Crystal Cut's music, this question could serve as a central theme in their work, inspiring listeners to think deeply about their lives and the world around them. It may also be a way for the artists to convey a sense of urgency, encouraging their audience to make the most of each day and not take the future for granted.

Overall, "What if tomorrow wasn't there?" is a thought-provoking question that can inspire reflection and introspection, which are common elements in electronic music that seeks to convey deeper meaning and emotion.

Continuing on their electronic music journey,             "What If ?"was created and has a dark electronic pop sound. The infectious base line fused with a melodic top line explores and delves into the dark sonics of sound. ieir unique tone, by pushing the boundaries of sound and production typically seen in electronic music today.

Formed out of the inner-city suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, UK Fears, Lazz and Adey joined together as Crystal Cut to explore and develop their love for electronic music. Their style is heavily influenced by and drawn from all eras and music styles. Specifically, from the early 1980s new wave electronica to the deep, dark house and techno sounds from today’s underground artists.

“What if ? is out now on Spotify, iTunes and all major streaming services.


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